Encounter/Campus House Summer Internship Jamie Dodson
I am blessed to be working with Encounter ministries in Birmingham, Alabama as their summer intern. This internship will involve ministry in Encounter’s prison, college, and local missions along with preparing The Campus House for the next upcoming 2017-2018 year. 

Beginning April 20th and again in September, I will be headed to a prison in Texas to be involved with the Encounter team in sharing the word of Christ in the format of John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart. This is an awesome opportunity to experience the freedom of Christ in the most restricted of places.
During the Summer I will be working closely with the fellow students of The Campus House along with the Chris Roe and Director of College Missions, Johnny Lieske  to maintain the grounds, develop a curriculum for small groups, plan events, grow existing relationships with students, connect with upcoming students, create excitement for the Fall and Spring semesters, and ultimately bring students into a community that has a heart for each other and for serving the needs of the Kingdom.
God has put forth many great opportunities at UAB, and I am looking forward to paths that He leads me down this summer and beyond. This big leap in my walk with Christ has me very excited to see how He uses my community and me  to testify to his power and love. 

Needless to say, this internship will need funding, and that is where you have the opportunity to help write the story. To carry on these functions during my internship with Encounter, I have committed to raise $6500 for these mission efforts and my salary. Would you be willing to help by making a recurring donation (for the next four months) by clicking the donate button above?

Your donation will come with a receipt for tax purposes.  You will also receive updates on Christ’s work through me and others during this internship. This is a chance to write a new chapter of Christ’s story right here in Birmingham, Texas, and beyond. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and welcomed. 

Regardless of whether you can donate or not, please pray for me in this journey of working in ministry. Thank you for your constant support throughout my life before and after this summer! 

I am so blessed to have a faith family so loving, supportive, wise, passionate, and strong as you. May Christ be with you always.

Jamie Dodson
*Encounter is dba for Man Adventures, Inc (an IRS recognized 501c3)