Slow Down
by Chris on July 22nd, 2013

"We are so quick to encourage one another to rest & recharge, yet so reluctant to do it ourselves....."

I think this is because we believe others are so far "ahead" of us in one way or another.  We are all (myself at the head of this line) scurrying so hard to catch up that we can't rest.  Morgan Snyder (of the Ransomed Heart Team) spoke recently about a friend of his that said he always feels behind...at work, in finances, even in his yard!  

I can identify.  Can you? 

I have to pay someone to do my yard now (I blame that on asthma and allergies, but I still feel behind in it.)  I want to be a better administrator and "time manager."  I am almost 40, shouldn't I have that down by now?  I feel like I am being a pretty good dad, but I feel like I don't spend enough time with my kids.  (And I work from HOME)  I have no idea the last time Jennifer and I had a date other than crashing into the couch or bed and watching Big Brother (there I said it, I watch Big Brother, I have for 4 or 5 years, it's stupid, mindless tv, and we enjoy it.)  And I desperately need to raise a lot more funds for the ministry if it's going to survive. 


I didn't have a clear view of where this was going when I started typing, but I think it's showing me more of how I really feel.  The agreements that I have made that I have ground to make up and if I stop, if I rest, I will just be that much more behind.  It's showing that so much of my thinking is still so "Godless".  It's got me at the center, and when it really comes down to it, I'm responsible for making life work.  I probably even think I have to somehow keep the earth on axis too.

I am sure the enemy is behind it all.  He's a liar.  But I am going to resist the temptation to wrap this post up neatly with a conclusive "God-thought."  Because I am still very much in process.  I still feel very much behind.  I am still not at rest.  I've been struggling to breathe for 2 weeks, even had an urgent visit to an Urgent Care on the way home from a Prison Ministry Trip.  And I haven't really stopped to "rest".  God save us....God save me....

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John Wood - July 23rd, 2013 at 7:53 PM
I love the honesty in this post.
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