Prison Report
by Chris on July 16th, 2013

PRISON REPORT: (Inmates Comments included)

Dear Friends,
Stephen Shirley, John Wood, Darryl Wilson, Mitchell Johnson, & I left Thursday Morning and made it back to Birmingham in the wee hours Monday Morning (sometime around 2 AM).  Our adventure to Winnsboro, Texas to the Clyde M. Johnston Unit was indeed an adventure.  Barry Strickland, New Wilderness Texas Director, Prison Chaplain Fr. Casey Miner,  and John Fennell, Director of NewCOR met us there and we battled for the hearts of our incarcerated brothers and each other.   Over 3 days we  walked through a "Boot Camp" based on John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries Wild at Heart.  67 inmates gave up visits with their families to participate.  I know our team was affected deeply by the Father's love, and we were encouraged by your prayers.  

I will write a longer post detailing what we covered and encountered, but I believe the comments from the inmates evaluations (given at the end of the last session) let you know how they received the message of God's love and heart for them.  Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement.

Here's some of what they had to say.

I now know I am in a battle and a larger story. Wild At Heart destroyed boring with adventure. I know I am set free!
One of the stories about your fathers brings me back to something that recently happened to me. The story touched me.

I will focus on being a man of God and let Him change my life.

The battle is for freedom. If I give up the devil will win.

It was the best weekend I’ve ever had. I wish it didn’t have to end.

I feel the sonship the brotherhood and the knowledge and truth that God the Father loves me.

I realize that I had been a poser in one way or another all my life. The knowledge of God as my father has expanded.

The fellowship with “real men” impacted me the most.

The openness of your testimonies were powerful.

Wonderful! Life Affriming! Eye Opening! Hopeful! Thank Yoy.

You have done so much to heal my heart. This is life changing.

Wish I could have done this years ago.

I enjoyed receiving new ways to understand and share God’s word to myself and with others.

I enjoyed the movie clips and the alone time with God.

I never heard nothing like this. (In context with the rest of his evaluation this is a positive comment. –Barry)

Loved the weekend. Learned things to take with me to apply to my life and to my family.

Loved the part about fighting for our wives and daughters.

I enjoyed every minute. I didn’t want it to end.

Learning about being fathered, heart of the woman, spiritual warfare was amazing I have gotten much from this time.

The topics covered have been great concerns of mine. The seeds have been planted and I will let God nurture them.

The weekend brought new understanding. Thanks.

It was awesome. I loved it. Come again.

I loved it. I am looking forward to going to Colorado to boot camp.

The emotions, the thoughtfulness and caring that was put forth was the most impacting part to me.

I have been having trouble with my wife. The things taught were eye openers that will help me with my relationship with her.

The enthusiasm was powerful.

Wonderful and fun – great teachings and fellowship

This was a different experience of showing me how the Lord is, how He works and how forgiving He is.

Very good!

It was a blessing can you come back next weekend?

It renewed my belief as it pertains to my God and how He wants us all to be great warriors.

This has changed my life. I can’t wait to start applying it to my every day life.

The most powerful part was beauty to rescue. I needed it so much. I need to rescue my princess.

Personal stories from the heart impacted me most.

It has changed my life. It has made me know my purpose.

This is my best weekend since I have been locked up.

It is good to hear others with the same problems I have.

This was a very good time with God and getting to know more about Him.

I learned a lot about what a woman wants from me and how I should treat them.

I learned how to stand up against the devil and his schemes.

…it opened my heart. I see where I’ve been hurt and how I have been running to women for an answer.

I will give my life to God forever and stay out of jail.

I will be a better person because of this weekend.

How I have found what has wounded me in my life.

I will quit trying to fix my wife and let God fix her.

I understand there is a villain in my life and how to fight.

I will show my wife and daughters they are princesses. I vow to fight for them and never give up.

I have been asking God to provide inspiration that this weekend has brought for me.

I now realize that I have a Father who loves me and seeing how I’ve blamed myself for my earthly father abandoning me.

I now know that if I don’t give up I cannot fail.

I was blessed by all that was done.

It was great.

This was amazing and inspirational. I will apply what I have learned.

I have a wonderful peace of mind and a feeling of freedom.

The teaching on Sonship was powerful to me.

It was good to hear so many are dealing with the same issues as me.

The quiet time really allowed me to admit what was hurting me.

I know what my wife’s needs and wants from me.

Excellent job, well done! I hope to give back like this some day. I look up to you guys and what you are doing.
If you have any desire to join us on our next adventure it will be in January.  It takes several months to get approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a volunteer.  Please let us know by emailing chris@setheartsfree.com. 

If you would like to help financially you can donate at www.encounterministriesonline.org and click WePay

Special thanks to Barry Strickland of New Wilderness Adventures for inviting us into this larger story and partnership, to Fr. Casey Miner, the Chaplain of the Clyde M. Johnston Unit for his dreaming heart and for trusting us with his men, to John Fennell and the whole Fennell clan for hosting us with unrivaled hospitality and tenderness.

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