A Different Kind of Teaching
by Chris on July 1st, 2013

As discussed in the last blog post "The Secret to Effective Ministry", there is a different, deeper teaching that is so often overlooked in our spiritual formation.  It is the learning that comes through experience.  Not just the experience of doing something, but doing it at the direction of one who cares for you, one who knows somethings cannot be taught simply by transferring facts to your brain. 

I believe there is a different kind of discipleship, more complete than in most of our churches and relationships today.  Our present day discipleship is more like Sesame Street (Watch this and you'll learn something) than it is Mr. Miagi.  I think we need more Mr. Miagi. 

Thanks Garry Brantley, for bringing this up Sunday in your most recent sermon (you can download it here http://crossbridgechurch.org/media.php?pageID=70)

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