What's Playing on Your Soundtrack?
by Chris on May 28th, 2013

Anyone remember the thing in the image above?  We always called it a "record player".  For the more technically inclined they were "turntables".  We wore these things out in my house growing up.  My Uncle Ron and Nanny owned a record store and kept us in stock of all kinds of music.  Many of the songs from those records, along with my Dad's classic rock collection of albums formed a kind of soundtrack for my childhood.   I think music has the power to transport us, to remind us of times, places, people, and experiences. 

But I think there's an even deeper soundtrack.  One that we all have that plays in the back (and sometimes the front) of our minds and hearts.  It's full of the messages we've heard and believed about ourselves, about life, about others, and about God. Some were delivered directly and personally from people and institutions.  Some were delivered in more subtle ways, but their effect is just as powerful.

So much of that soundtrack for so many is about the ways we don't quite measure up.  How if we'd just do or be "this" or overcome "that" we'd be accepted and loved. Or at least more acceptable and lovable.  It plays so often and the tunes are so familiar that they seem like white noise sometimes.  Or maybe like the soundtracks of movies, they set the tone for each scene, kind of manipulating how we should feel.  

In Luke 19 it's said that Jesus came to "seek and save what was lost."  And if we are truly made in the image of the Trinity and we go around with this soundtrack about how unacceptable and unlovable we are, then I'd say something has been "lost".  

When Jesus launched his public ministry, in his hometown, he declared by announcing from Isaiah 61 that he was sent to "bind up broken hearts, set captives free."  If we are held captive by this soundtrack that announces to us our worthlessness, then I'd say we are in need of being set free.  If we are broken by the messages of our unlovable-ness (I don't think that's a real word) then I'd say we are in need of being bound back together.

This is not a self-esteem gospel.  This is not a "Think Positive" salvation.  God's children don't know who we are.  We don't remember what he REALLY thinks of us.  And so we live "less-than" lives loving with a love that is "much less-than" what he intends.  We are starving to live the full abundant life and share it with our loved ones, our community, our world.  

He wants to meet us, give us new songs, remind us we are beautiful, worthy, valuable, that we have what it takes to love and live.  And to heal the soundtrack of our souls.

What is your soundtrack?  Can you name the tunes?  What are their messages about you?  about the world?  about God?

(here are a couple more turntables you might remember)

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