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by Chris on April 22nd, 2013

The recidivism rate is how often offenders return to criminal behavior or prison.  Nationally that average is about 40%, in Texas (where we do Wild at Heart Retreats for inmates) it's about 32%.  At the unit we have partnered with for the last few years the recidivism rate is LESS THAN 5%.  While these weekends aren't the only factor (or the primary factor) our work there is a contributing factor.  

Encounter is a HUGE factor in this next statistic.  The small unit where we lead these weekends (about 300 inmates) has the most chaplaincy volunteer hours in the state of Texas (there are units with several thousand inmates).  We are blessed to spend 24-25 hours during each weekend event with these brothers in Christ.  We drive from Alabama (9 hours or more depending on how many bathroom breaks :) . Many of our guys take 2-3 days off work, and we not only "teach" but spend face time with the inmates.  

This prison unit houses men who will all be back in the free world within 6 months.  Encounter works to share the love of God with them in meaningful ways.  Reclaiming God as Father, dealing with woundings from the "flaming arrows" of the enemy, sharing our own stories/testimonies of God's work in and on us.  

We need your help. All of this takes time and money to meet the needs of these men heading back into the free world.  Would you help us help others by sponsoring/donating through our major yearly fundraiser here http://buff.ly/YGyuos ?

Source info from http://www.pewstates.org/research/reports/state-of-recidivism-85899377338 and from the Clyde M. Johnston Unit Chaplain.

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