My 2 -Year Old is Screaming
by Chris on February 11th, 2013

She's at that stage.  Where she has an opinion on everything, and it's usually exactly the opposite of whatever her mother, her brother, or I say or think.  It's not based in reason...She's two years old.  She wants independence.  She wants control.  She wants to express things which she doesn't presently have the vocabulary for.  (yes I ended a sentence with a preposition, shut it grammar nuts.)  So she screams, at us, near us, at the table, in her bed, in public, in private.  Please don't think this is all she does, some days she's the sweetest thing going. If you don't believe me check out my pics on twitter or facebook.  But she screams A LOT! 

As with everything about parenting, the things that try my patience eventually make me wonder if it's an illustration of my relationship with God.  And it usually is.  I am too um, refined (cough) to scream at God, or stomp my foot, or try to yell his commands back at him.  But I do spend a good part of my energy frustrated because I too want independence.  I want control.  I want to express things that I don't have the spiritual vocabulary for.  And like her, I KNOW I must be right despite my lack of perspective, wisdom, and life experience compared to my Father. 

And so I "scream".   I want it...NOW!  Don't you know I know what's going on?  Don't you see the world the way I do?  Don't you see how much I need _____________?  Don't you care.

Now when my sweet princess is done throwing today's fit of the year I usually go in and ask her "Are you ready for some love?"  She replies through the dry-heaving sobs "Y-Ye-Yesss." Then I hold her, and reassure her.  I try to remind her what went wrong and how we together can make it right (if possible).  And then I usually let her tackle me or something. 

I think that's what Abba wants to do with me.  When I am done yelling and throwing today's fit of the year he asks "Are you ready for some love?"  Then waits for me to say "Yes".  And comfort and correction and assurance await.

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