Your Pastor is Dying (part II)
by Chris on December 6th, 2012

Dear Church, 
In my last note, I wrote to you that your pastor was "dying".  I know you probably don't believe me.  He looks good.  Like he's got it pretty together.  He probably brings the love and word of God to you in meaningful ways on Sundays and throughout the week.  But he's dying inside.  The culture is set up to isolate him.  To keep his real life hidden. 

This is where we come in.  We go after their hearts.  And in many cases, God uses our network of friendships to get pastors to us.  We want to play a vital role in restoring the LIFE God intended for your pastor and thus for your church.  So just in case you didn't believe me, I asked your pastor (ok, maybe this isn't from YOUR pastor, but he is a real pastor that we have walked with).  Here's his story of how God used Encounter to minister to him..
I was preaching about hope in Jesus on a Sunday, but in utter despair much of the week. My life was broken, my marriage was in shambles, and my ministry was suffering. Where does a pastor go when life is completely unraveling? I decided to see a therapist. The therapist was excellent, but one of the most helpful things the therapist did was encourage me to connect with Chris Roe.

I was nervous to reach out to a complete stranger, let alone open up about the deepest secrets of my life, but I quickly discovered Chris was safe. In fact, he was not just safe, but he deeply cared about me – from day one. He listened, affirmed, challenged, and offered guidance with great care and humility. He gave me a fresh outpouring of the love of Christ when I needed it most.

Chris did not treat me this way once or twice, but he has traveled with me on my journey of healing for the past two years. This man who was once a stranger is now a dear friend, confidant, and mentor. I thank God for him and this ministry!

Help us help your pastor, your church, and the Kingdom by loving on and walking with these pastors.  We aren't supported by your church, just individuals and groups that want to help us help others.  Please do so by clicking the "WePay" button on our homepage to give securely online. 

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