Why God Isn't In A Hurry
by Chris on November 13th, 2012

InExodus 23:29-30 God is telling Israel how he will go about giving them the promised land.  29 "But I won’t do all this in the first year, because the land would become poor, and wild animals would be everywhere. 30 Instead, I will force out your enemies little by little and give your nation time to grow strong enough to take over the land."

I wouldn't put D-rew in college yet.  Wouldn't let him drive a car.  Wouldn't let Ellie-Kat be on the trapeze yet, despite her wonderful ability and utter joy in hanging upside down by her legs.  Wouldn't let her cross the road alone. Wouldn't let either of them move out on their own.  Because I am a good dad.  Oh yeah, and Jenn would probably permanently injure me if I did.  (that aside)  WE would not give our children a freedom or object or privilege that is basically good, because the timing was not right.  

Even deeper, because they do not yet have the capacity to undertake those endeavors yet. Their hands aren't big enough, their reasoning isn't strong enough, their legs aren't long enough.  It's not a judgement against poor performance.  It's just that they cannot handle it yet.  No matter how much they want it.  It's not that I am holding out on them. It's that I want to do more to prepare them so it can be all they need it to be. So they can be who God created them to be without crashing a car or falling off a trapeze bar bringing it to a halt.  I want them to receive all life has for them fully.  And to do so requires restraint on our part and patience on theirs.  So I wait.  Even if they beg, plead, and pester.  I will wait.  I will try to explain, but they may not understand.  And still I will wait.  Because we are good parents.

And so is God.

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Allen Patterson - November 28th, 2012 at 3:04 PM
But I'm an adult! I can handle it, I'm responsible, and.... I want it!!

I'll have to be honest, when faced with hearing God say, "Wait a bit, you're not quite ready" I tend to hear it as a shame-based, guilt-ridden accusation against my maturity level. I mean, Paul said that we should move one to the "meatier" things right? Leave the milk behind?

Oh, and there's this also.... I am a child of my culture in too many ways. I want it now.
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